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Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and Stormy Daniels?

An image purportedly showing the United States president with his wife and alleged mistress has been digitally manipulated.

Published March 21, 2018

A photograph shows President Donald Trump with his wife Melania Trump and his alleged mistress Stormy Daniels.

As the Stormy Daniels scandal heated up in March 2018 (the former pornography actress claims that she had an affair with Donald Trump shortly after his wife Melania gave birth), an image purportedly showing the involved parties making their way through a crowd of paparazzi started circulating online:

The Evangelicals' Most Admired President

Trump with pregnant Melania and his mistress, porn star, Stormy Daniels.

Another version of the image claimed that all there are, or at least were, good friends:

This is not a genuine photograph of the Trumps with Stormy Daniels, but rather a composite of at least two different images.?The image of the Trumps was taken at Fashion Group International's Night of Stars in October 2005, and it showed the future president with his wife and daughter Ivanka Trump. Stormy Daniels was not in the original photograph:

The image of Stormy Daniels was taken at a different event — the 2006 AVN Awards, an annual award show that highlights the best of the porn industry, where she?won the Best Supporting Actress and the Best Screenplay awards for?Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre:

Although Stormy Daniels has alleged that she had an affair with Donald Trump, this viral image showing her with Donald and Melania Trump all together was digitally manipulated.


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Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.